Cracked Up (Global Game Jam 2016 Entry)

Cracked Up

Cracked Up is a small endless runner game with some elements taken from rhythm games made in 48 hours by a team of seven people (consisting of 4 coders, 2 audio engineers and an artist) using C# and the Unity game engine as part of the 2016 Global Game Jam (where the theme was “Ritual”).

Taking inspiration from childhood “rituals” and superstitions, the player takes control of a young boy trying to run away from a demonic dog that has suddenly appeared out of a portal from hell whilst attempting to avoid stepping on the cracks between the pavement slabs. Every time their feet lands on a pavement slab, the player scores some points. When the player continually steps on a group of slabs consecutively without missing then their combo multiplier increases, giving them even more points. However, stepping on a crack would cause the player to lose their current combo streak as well as make the game more harder to play (as a reference to the supposed bad luck that occurs when you step on a crack in real life). The game also features a dynamic soundtrack where the player’s feet moves in time with the music and gradually changes from a twee based track to a dance based track when the player achieves a high enough combo multiplier (then back to twee as soon as their current combo streak is broken).

I served as one of the gameplay programmers in the team where I was responsible for coding some of the underlying game logic. Some of the features I helped to create in the game include the level scrolling, making sure the player’s feet stick to the pavement area as well as the threshold checks to see how many cracks the player has stepped on (increasing the game’s difficulty if they went over a certain amount).

Below is some footage I shot of the game in action during the end of jam presentation as demoed by team leader Dave and fellow team member Sujan.

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Project Details

Date: Jan 31, 2016


  • Dave Cooper (Team Leader/Lead Programmer)
  • James Coote (Gameplay Programmer)
  • Jason Tuyen (Gameplay Programmer)
  • Sujan McGlynn (UI Programmer/Animator)
  • Sarah Ford (Artist)
  • Dicky Moore (Audio Engineer)
  • Lawrence Shahid (Audio Engineer)

Tools Used:

  • Unity
  • C#

Client: Team Cracked Up


  • PC



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