Privacy Policy

(Updated: 18/05/2018)

At Jason Tuyen Games it is our policy to respect our users’ privacy regarding any information we may collect while running and maintaining our website and/or games/apps that we release. In accordance to this we have developed this privacy policy so you can understand what happens to any personal information that we collect from you or provide to us and make sure that we are committed to conducting our business in accordance to these principles to ensure that this information is protected and maintained confidentially. Please note that we may update this policy from time to time at our sole discretion. Our privacy policy is as outlined as follows:

3rd Party Services

We use a number of 3rd party services in order to help build and maintain our website and products. Please note that we at Jason Tuyen Games are not responsible for any information that you provide to these 3rd parties as a result of using our website and products and that we have no affiliation with or control over them. Below is some of these 3rd parties whose services we currently use (or have used in the past) along with a link to their individual privacy policies where appropriate:


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Privacy Policy

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