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Color Teaser

Smart Q45

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Cracked Up (Global Game Jam 2016 Entry)

Sandwich Runner (Let's Cook Jam Entry)

Pratchett's Legacy (EGX Rezzed Jam 2015 Entry)

Colour Catch

Bullet Hell Game

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Ludum Dare

BreakAround (Ludum Dare 37 Entry)

SHAPE.SHIFT() (Ludum Dare 35 Entry)

Rolla Grolla Arena (Ludum Dare 34 Entry)

First Person Giant Monster Game (Ludum Dare 33 Entry)

Beacons (Ludum Dare 32 Entry)

Intergalactic Pong (Mini Ludum Dare 58 Entry)

The Ball (Ludum Dare 31 Entry)

Cells (Ludum Dare 30 Entry)

One Jump (Ludum Dare 28 Entry)

Only One Shot (Ludum Dare 26 Entry)

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Advanced Games Technology Demo

Asteroids Demo

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Jason Tuyen Games is a one man independent game studio based in London.

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