Balls is an endless arcade game coming soon to mobiles and tablets where you must keep a colourful ball up in the air for as long as possible whilst avoiding dynamically generated obstacles.

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  • Simple to learn but hard to master one touch gameplay controls.

  • Adaptive difficulty system that scales up and down depending on how well you play.

  • The ability to customise the colour of your ball and trail.

  • Randomly generated backgrounds that change every time you play.

  • Online high score leaderboards via GameSparks.


Click here to check out the latest development logs for Balls


“It’s a lot harder than it looks I swear!” - The Orange Bison

“A fun attempt at a mobile classic” - Noaksey (Pocket Gamer Big Indie Pitch at Apps World 2016)

“The game play of Balls is addictive and the perfect time-killing app for the long train journey” - Almost Above Average (GEEK 2017)

Check out these videos featuring some footage of Balls: