Pratchett's Legacy (EGX Rezzed Jam 2015 Entry)

Pratchett’s Legacy

Gameplay Video by Tanya Down

Pratchett’s Legacy was a small 2D platformer game from Brioche And Crackers made in just 8 hours using C# and the Unity engine as part of the 2015 EGX Rezzed Creative Assembly Game Jam (hosted by EGX, Creative Assembly and The Guardian) on the 13th and 14th of March 2015. The theme of the game jam was to choose one of four articles from The Guardian on the day of the jam and create a game out of it. One of these chosen articles was the death of famed fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett so we decided that our jam game would be a tribute to Pratchett himself.

In this game, players take control of Terry himself (who is represented as a wizard character) and help him recover the magical parchment that he was using to write his next novel as well as find his keys in order to move on to the next level.

As part of the Brioche And Crackers team, I was responsible for some of the programming as well as scripting for the game including creating the fading animations that occur when the current scene transitions into the next one plus making a very simple AI script for the enemy in the second scene to chase the player. As we didn’t have artists in our team (nor had any significant artistic skills ourselves) during the jam, a majority of the graphical assets in the game were sourced from free legal resources such as OpenGameArt.

On the final day of the game jam, we presented our game in front of a prestigious panel of judges. A YouTube video of the presentation can be seen below (our presentation begins at around the 40 minute mark):

Known Issues

Due to the very short timeframe we had during the game jam, there were a couple of bugs in the game that we did not manage to fix in time before the end of the jam. Whilst some of these bugs have been resolved post-jam, there are a few that still remain.


Playable Online Demo (requires the Unity Webplayer to be installed)

PC Demo Download

Project Details

Date: Mar 14, 2015


  • James Woods (Lead Designer/Programmer)
  • Tanya Down (Designer/Programmer)
  • Jason Tuyen (Programmer)
  • Jack Davenport (Designer/Programmer)
  • Michael Clark(Sound/Audio)

Tools Used:

  • Unity
  • C#

Client: Brioche and Crackers


  • Web(Unity Player)
  • PC


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