Bullet Hell Game

Bullet Hell Game

A somewhat simple 2.5D top down vertical scrolling shoot-em up game inspired by bullet hell type games such as Ikaruga and Dodonpachi that I have created using the Unity game engine and C#. The initial version of the game took me about a month to do.

Currently Known Issues

  • Enemies may sometimes disappear for no reason.


Special Thanks to:

  • WonderSonic for the SHMUP framework that this game is utilising (Link)
  • TurboSquid for providing the free models that are being used for this game
  • GameOnJohn for the enemy bullet patterns
  • Ben Throop for providing the Detonator framework used for the explosions in the game (Link)

Downloads (If links don’t open properly, try right-clicking the link and choose ‘Save Link as’/’Save Target as’ etc.)

Playable Demo (Version 0.2) (8.43MB zip, Windows PCs only)

Playable Demo (Version 0.1) (8.74MB zip, Windows PCs only)

System Requirements

Not known at this time but the game should be able to run on most Windows machines (So far I have tested the game on Windows 7 and Windows Vista machines) and during testing, the game has only used at most 12-13mb of graphics memory during gameplay.


Simply extract the contents of the zipped folder to any directory and run the standalone executable.

Project Details

Date: Oct 8, 2012


  • Jason Tuyen

Tools Used:

  • Unity
  • C#

Client: None/Self


  • PC


Jason Tuyen Games is a one man independent game studio based in London.

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