Only One Shot (Ludum Dare 26 Entry)

Only One Shot

Only One Shot is a self coded puzzle game made in just three days using C# and the XNA Framework as part as the 26th Ludum Dare Game Jam (where the theme was “Minimalism”). In this game, players must eliminate all the enemy squares in each level. However, the player only has one bullet available and in some levels where there are more than one enemy squares or walls seemingly surrounding the enemy, this may seem impossible. To help the player, there are special grey blocks strategically placed around each level which when shot at, will split the bullet in all directions other than where it was originally shot at and so the idea of the game is to time your shots carefully in order to hit every single enemy square in one go.

This was the first ever game jam I took part in and although some things didn’t go quite as planned during the three days I had to make the game (In addition to coding, I also did the sound and art for the game by myself as well despite not being very good in those areas), I felt that my skills as a game developer had improved quite a bit after taking part and I would recommend anyone working in or aspiring to work in the games industry to give Ludum Dare (or any other game jam) a try as the experience is a lot of fun and you may even get to learn a few new tricks that may help you in the future.

The game was originally released for Windows PCs. During the judging period after the Ludum Dare deadline, I also ported the game to Web/HTML5 browsers using the JSIL compiler.

In December 2013, I created an updated Post-Jam “Turbo” edition of the game as part of the Charity Game Jam where I added some new levels as well as fixed some of the problems people had with the original version of the game.

Additional Links

Original Ludum Dare Page

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Post-Mortem for the original version of the game

Project Details

Date: Apr 29, 2013


  • Jason Tuyen

Tools Used:

  • XNA
  • C#
  • Paint.Net
  • bfxr
  • Otomata
  • Audacity

Client: None/Self


  • PC
  • Web (HTML5)



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