One Jump (Ludum Dare 28 Entry)

One Jump

One Jump is a self coded platformer game made in two days using C# and the Unity engine as part as the 28th Ludum Dare Game Jam (where the theme was “You Only Get One”). In this game, players must simply reach the end of the level. However, the player can only jump once per level and so they need to use their only jump strategically in each level.

This was the first time I tried making a platformer style of game and so there were some things I initially struggled with such as getting the platforming physics right and although some aspects of the game didn’t work as well as I intended, I ended up learning a bit more on how platformers are created.

The game was originally released for web browsers running the Unity plugin. During the judging period after the Ludum Dare deadline, I also ported the game to PC, Mac and Linux.

The source code for this game is also available to view on GitHub.

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Project Details

Date: Dec 15, 2013


  • Jason Tuyen

Tools Used:

  • Unity
  • C#
  • Paint.Net
  • bfxr

Client: None/Self


  • PC
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Web (Unity WebPlayer)



Jason Tuyen Games is a one man independent game studio based in London.

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