Intergalactic Pong (Mini Ludum Dare 58 Entry)

Intergalactic Pong

Intergalactic Pong is a self coded game made in just a week using C# and Unity as part of the 58th Mini Ludum Dare game jam (where the theme was “Pong”).

In this game, the rules are the same as regular Pong except that everything’s now set in space with the ball now becoming an asteroid and planets that not only act as bumpers but can also pull the ball in.

Additional Credits

Art Assets: n4pgamer, StumpyStrust, Renderwahn, Warspawn

Sound Assets: bart

Font: Factor I

Additional Links

GameJolt Page

Ludum Dare Page

Project Details

Date: Mar 31, 2015


  • Jason Tuyen

Tools Used:

  • Unity
  • C#
  • bfxr (for goal sound)
  • Inkscape (for paddles)

Client: None/Self


  • Web (HTML5/WebGL)



Jason Tuyen Games is a one man independent game studio based in London.

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