Cells (Ludum Dare 30 Entry)


Cells is a self coded turn based strategy game made in three days using C# and the Unity engine as part as the 30th Ludum Dare Game Jam (where the theme was “Connected Worlds”). In this game, the rules are very simple:

  1. You are in control of the red cells whilst the computer is control of the blue cells.
  2. Click on one of your cells to connect to all of its neighbouring cells.
  3. You can only click on cells that can connect to at least one neighbouring neutral or opposition cell.
  4. The game ends when there are no more neutral cells available and whoever has the most cells wins.

This was the first time I tried making a game with an AI component and although I could have improved on it a lot more, I was happy with the result (even if the AI was a bit rudimentary)

The game was originally released for web browsers running the Unity plugin. During the judging period after the Ludum Dare deadline, I also ported the game to PC, Mac and Linux.

Project Details

Date: Aug 25, 2014


  • Jason Tuyen

Tools Used:

  • Unity
  • C#
  • bfxr

Client: None/Self


  • PC
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Web (Unity WebPlayer)

Website: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-30/?action=preview&uid=21201


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