BreakAround (Ludum Dare 37 Entry)


BreakAround was a game I made in 3 days using C# and the Unity engine as part of the 37th Ludum Dare game jam (where the theme was “One Room”).

The design of the game was based on the classic video game Breakout in which you break blocks with a ball and paddle you control but with an added 360 degree twist in the sense that everything is played in a first person view.

The game is currently available for Windows, Mac and Linux as well as on the web (as a HTML5 game). There is also an experimental Android build available with support for Google Cardboard VR.

A more detailed post-mortem of the game is available to view here.

Additional Links

Ludum Dare Page Page (includes link to desktop, web and Android versions of the game)

GameJolt Page (includes link to desktop and web versions of the game)


Project Details

Date: Dec 11, 2016


  • Jason Tuyen

Tools Used:

  • Unity
  • C#
  • Visual Studio
  • bfxr

Client: None/Self


  • PC
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Web (HTML5)
  • Android/Google Cardboard VR



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