Balls Progress Log 5

Balls Progress Log 5

Sep 26, 2016. | By: xanjos

It’s been a while since the last development log for Balls so here’s how the game has progressed so far since the last three or so months.

June 2016

  • Corrected the first time pop-up text so that it’s more easier to understand.

  • Added an animation for closing the in-game shop.

  • Fixed a bug where on certain Android devices, the coins would not render properly (by changing their z-positions).

  • Changed most of the in-game sounds to a mono format in order to reduce the overall file size (Most Android devices only have one set of speakers anyway).

July 2016

I didn’t do much work on the game during July as I spent most of that month porting all of my old Wordpress posts to the blog section of my new website as well as working on a press kit for Balls (see my last blog post for some details about this).

August 2016

  • Started work on creating the IAP system for the game’s shop.

  • Made some improvements to the procedural background generation code.

  • Did some more optimisations to the audio clips.

  • Created a custom shader to generate a gradient style background to the main menu.

September 2016

  • Modified my gradient shader code to make transitions between two different gradients.

  • Separated the social and leaderboard panels into their own separate menus.

  • Added some new buttons to the main menu: one for the leaderboards and another for trophies/achievements (which will be coming soon in the future).

As an added bonus, since it has been just over one year since I started working on this game, here’s a little picture I made showing how much the game has changed from the initial prototype to the latest build.

As a reminder I am also currently running a beta test on Android devices (you can sign up by clicking here) with new builds coming out every month or so.

Since I am still working on setting up IAP for the game, the initial soft launch that I had planned for the end of summer has been pushed back by at least a few months.

As to when the next development blog will be up, that would probably be during the holiday season but in the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter or check out my Facebook page for more regular updates on the game.




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