Quick Update

Quick Update

Jul 2, 2015. | By: xanjos

Haven’t made a post in quite a while now (well, two months to be exact) but I figure I’d make one just to let you guys know what I’ve been up to these days (unless you’ve been following my updates on Twitter).

For those of you looking for a quick recap of my current situation, I’ve been on the job hunt for quite a while now (nearly a year in fact) due to a little situation at my current workplace last summer (although I’m still employed there on a part-time basis). Unfortunately there hasn’t been any substantial progress on that end (although there have been one or two occasions where I almost got to the face to face interview stage) but I still haven’t completely given up yet and I know a few of the recruitment agencies I’ve been working with are hard at work trying to secure roles for me.

I also had a little unfortunate situation last May where my 4 year old MSI AMD R6850 graphics card decided to give up the ghost and die out leaving me with no usable PC (although thankfully I had my Surface Pro 3 to do all my general coding work so all was not lost). I’ve since replaced my dying card with a more powerful MSI AMD R9 280X Twin Frozr Gaming Edition card along with an extra case fan to keep it cool as well as upgrading my RAM from a measly (for this day and age) 4gb to a more beefier 8gb so I can turn my PC into a more powerful gaming and development machine.

And now to inform you all of what I’ve been doing these past few weeks.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I now have my own personal logo which I had my friend design for me last weekend (Fun Fact: I decided to make my logo an arcade stick as a way of symbolising my love for my favourite video game genre: fighting games -and also because gamepads and computers are overdone-). I also ordered a new batch of 100 business cards (since my last batch ran out last month) with my new logo on them which actually arrived a few days ago so I can’t wait to hand these out at all the game dev networking events I’ll be attending in the future.

New business cards which arrived this afternoon #gamedev #indiedev

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Also, since I have quite a lot of free time these days (due to job hunting and part time employment and whatnot), I’ve actually taken the plunge and started spending my afternoons turning one of my old Ludum Dare entries into a fully fledged mobile game (In fact, I started working on this last Monday). Now I won’t tell you which entry I’ve chosen but I can tell you that I chose this entry as it was the easiest to refine and juice up without any problems plus it was the easiest to translate to mobile devices (although I have plans to turn another of my old Ludum Dare entries into a full game for PC and possibly console if I’m fortunate enough once this one has been finished which I plan on putting all my time and resources for). The game is very much in the prototyping stage (i.e. fixing some of the bugs and problems people had with the old Ludum Dare version along with planning new features to make the game more interesting) but my plan is to release it as a free to play title with non-intrusive ads (No plans for in app purchases at the moment but I can assure you that I won’t be making a “pay to win” game ;D) on Android and Windows Phone by the end of July (At the moment I have no plans to release it for iOS since I can’t afford to pay $99 a year for a developer licence which is ironic coming from a guy who uses an iPhone 5S) although I may also release web/desktop versions of the game as well.

There’s quite a few game dev events in London happening this month (along with regularly scheduled ones such as the London Unity Usergroup meetups) which I plan on attending but one event which I absolutely plan on going to is the Develop Conference in Brighton on the 15th-16th of July. Although there is a 2 day game jam happening there as well which I would love to take part in, I simply don’t have the time and money to travel back and forth between London and Brighton just for a game jam. I do however, plan on attending the event on the 15th of July for the free Indie Dev Boot Camp sessions (although I still need to order my train tickets) so if you do see me there, come say hi and we can exchange business cards and whatnot.

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