Version 0.2 of Bullet Hell Demo Released

Version 0.2 of Bullet Hell Demo Released

Oct 21, 2012. | By: xanjos

In case you didn’t know, the latest version of my bullet hell game demo is now up. As always, you can find the demo on this site’s ‘Portfolio’ section (or just click here). For those who are interested in what has changed since the last version, do read on…

Version 0.2 Changelog


  • Highscores now accept name entry (and in true arcade fashion, up to 3 characters)


  • Boss Ships (Special enemy ships that appear rarely and are harder to take out but gives the player a lot of points when killed)
  • The game will temporarily stop spawning enemies when a boss ship spawns and will resume spawning once the boss ship is destroyed
  • Weapon Levels - Kill a boss ship and your ship’s weapon will receive an upgrade(up to Level 3)


  • Enemies will no longer spawn in a position where part of it is not seen by the screen view
  • Enemies will now start attacking as soon as they can be seen on screen (technically after a 5 second delay) instead of immediately after spawning
  • Enemies will now attack again every few seconds after attacking instead of ‘being sitting targets’ afterwards
  • Enemy firing rate has been decreased slightly to make bullet dodging slightly easier
  • Player ship speed has been increased slightly for faster movement
  • Player ship now moves at the same speed at realtime (almost) during slow mo


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