Hello world!

Hello world!

Sep 27, 2012. | By: xanjos

Hello there. You probably have no idea of what’s going on right now aren’t you? Well in case you haven’t read the about page of this blog yet, I might as well give you the somewhat short version of it:

I’m a recently graduated Computer Science student and aspiring games designer/programmer who is now currently looking for a job like every other recently graduated student (Particularly in the games industry as a designer or programmer).

You got all that? Good. Anyway, the purpose of this portfolio/blog is to showcase all of the work I’ve done just to well, show off and say to employers: “You see this? This is why you should hire me” and over the next few days, months, years etc., I’ll be posting up some of this said work for all of you to have a look at (including screenshots and sometimes source code and playable demos for some of my personal projects). I’ll sometimes even make blog posts about how I approached certain tasks during development (that is, if people ask ;D).

Have fun guys and girls!!



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